Olibrius, maker of UPOs

_ Presentation _

Olibrius was born from this simple aim: more than thousand new board games are released in French every year, and how many are rehashes of already-existing gamesthe umpteenth variant of a type of game we alreday know too well...

Olibrius was born from the desire to see incredbly innovative board games coming on to the market, whether in their form, their approach, their material, or all three at the same time!

We realise that, in the world of game design, it's a bit like the north face of Everest: but there it is, that's Olibrius too, never take the easy route.

What is a U.P.O.? ?

A U.P.O. is an Unidentified Playing Object. When a game arrives on Earth which resembles no other game already in existence, it may send game-playing humanity into a panic…

_ The team _

David - Controller Emeritus
Controller Emeritus
Olibrius and Control are not natures that mix easily, but David is a little bit of both at the same time…
Thibaut - Chief Emeritus of the Ludic Project
Chief Emeritus of the Ludic Project
As the man in charge of game development, Thibaut look after the author, graphic designer, illustrator, the manufacturer, artistic guidance…

_ Our Values _


We attempt to explore original and surprising game forms, to bring players new gaming sensations; so it's our job to offer games that are rather different to anything you've seen before.

  • Innovation
  • Originality
  • Surprise


We believe that game development is an planning adventure built on a number of human relations; and we make sure that those realtions are based on honesty, trust and kindness.

  • Sincerity
  • Trust
  • Organic


We try to put the best of ourselves into the games we make, and take great care over projects we develop with an author, so that we produce games we can be proud of.

  • Quality
  • Involvement
  • Attention