The game which uncovers the Hidden Truth in your books!

Your bookshelves become your playing field and you become booksplorers.

The game to explore and rediscover your books!

Welcome to New WorLds, where your bookshelves become your playing field!

If you can explore your books, roam through their texts, traverse the literary landcapes of the imagination, and surprise yourself with unbelievable phrases... You will become true booksplorers, successfully fighting through the jungle of words until you find, at the heart of the book, its unbelievable Hidden Truth.

The game which uncovers the Hidden Truth in your books!


- Editor: Olibrius
- Name: New WorLds
- Author: Wizenschtark
- Illustrator: Jeanne Landart
- Translation: Oliver Senton
- Age: 10 years plus
- Number of players: 2 to 6
- Length of game: 30 to 60 minutes

Equipment list

- 26 letter tokens
- 6 character cards
- 1 compass
- 1 Synchro-letter-ometer
- 1 rulebook

Find out about the authors

Wizenschtark - AuteurWizenschtark

A prolific author with a powerful imagination, especially gifted in creating innovative game structures. That was all that was needed for the New WorLds game to become, one day, what it is now: a love letter to books…


Jeanne Landard - IllustratriceJeanne Landart

An incredible illustrator, comfortable in all styles, nuances and forms. New WorLds has found itself a brilliant artist to translate literature into landscapes…


_ The « Hidden Truths » _

At the heart of the books lie the Hidden Cities. There, the most brilliant explorers find the Hidden Truths of the books, the author's source of inspiration captured in a phrase, the ultimate sense of the work…

If you've just discovered a Hidden Truth after a victorious game, share that precious knowledge with your fellow explorers around the world!

Madame Bovary
Gustave Flaubert
On voyait alternativement passer et repasser les épaulettes rouges et les plastrons noirs.
Voyage à Rodrigues
Le Clezio
Serait-il logique après tout cela de mettre sur le compte du hasard ce qui constitue une preuve indiscutable d’identité?

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