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1. Promote our games at your point of sale

We do not sell our games directly through shops. If you would like to promote our games, please consult this page to find the distributor who will be able to help you.

2. Other subjects

For any other subject, please join this Facebook group or contact us usiong the form that follows (this will be slower).

You have made a game and you want to present it to us. That's wonderful. Unfortunately our production calendar is full for the next two years and it's difficult for us to take new projects on board. So, we are no longer accepting prototypes submitted through the mail - please don't send them, there's no point. But we invite you to leave a proposal here, including:

  • a description of your game (500 characters max.)
  • an explanation of what makes your game unlike any other already in existence! Olibrius only makes U.P.O.'s (Unidentified Playing Objects): the content, form and approach of the game must be utterly innovative…
  • a link to a video presenting your game (maximum length 3 minutes)

If your messge does not follow those three points, we will beunable to follow up. You can also send us the same message in the hope of meeting us at the festivals in Cannes, Essen and Vichy.

With each new game, we need one or more illustrators/tresses to expand the author's vision.

We are always looking for new talents and styles, so do contact us to present us with your work. Please give us a clear link to your portfolio online. We will store it carefully: with every new project, we review the portfolios we have access to choose our new illustratresses/ators.

Note : unlike many games companies, we will not look at portfolios during festivals.

1. Visual material for press

On the specific page for each game, you will find a link to the rules in PDF format and easily accessible images and presentations.

2. Partners/Influencers

We build partnerships to ensure the visibility of each of our new projects. We have a programme of partnerships, with allocations and specific requirements, with the number of games issued often limited. Please leave a proposal here, indicating:
- The name of your Companies/Associations/Blogs/Sites/Pages (with direct links)
- The number of views received and/or subscribers and/or followers
- The extent of coverage you anticipate and any plans of action
- Target audience
- Email address

When we've had a look at your proposals, we'll let you know whether it complements our own communication plans.

When we've had a look at your proposals, we'll let you know whether it complements our own communication plans. Please leave us a presentation of your event here, indicating:

  • Name of Building/Organisation/Festival (with a direct link)
  • A presentation of the event
  • Your proposal

Once we have received your message, we will let you know whether Olibrius, which is a young games company, can follow up with, participate in or support, your event.

Thank you for sending us a message (the more detailed the better), and we will get bcak to you as soon as we can.

No personal information will be shared with a third party. None of this information will be exploited for commercial gain. It will only be used to reply to you.

[1] Your email address will never be shared with a third party, and will only be used to keep you informed with news about Olibrius.

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